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Total Recall

Sarah Mcdonald, Miranda Peake, Joanna Salter, Jeanine Woollard

2nd December - 22nd January 2006
Preview 1st December 6pm-9pm
includes a performance by Jeanine Woollard

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The act or process of drawing out memory and narrative is the impetus for the exhibition. Four artists with different aesthetics, approaches and humour create forms of drawing that play with the idea of recollection.

Jeanine Woollard employs performance and objects of cultural significance to stage a witty satire on accepted cultural and social values. In this performance, the past will be physically drawn to the present by the effort produced by wheels spinning in tandem. History, myth and fairytale are drawn in relation to contemporary icons and modes of living. Two different modes of production are connected, and the present utilised to facilitate the processes and crafts of the past, a weaving of present day back to age-old values.

Joanna Salter battles with the recreation of a memory. Rather than an attempt to capture and secure she uses an installation of sculptural objects and a camera to play with the notion of memory as a continuously recreated event, based on the past but understood through the present. For Total Recall this concern focuses on the interruptions, acts, and associations that occur in the process of recollection, the tiny shifts in perception that affect people, events and particularly objects.

Miranda Peake works with collage to capture the moments and events of the everyday. A sharp profile of a person, a set of kitchen knives and a toy from the desk of a colleague at work are arranged in a composition of colour and form. The composition is both tense and humorous. The contents of the collages and the incongruity of the arranged objects suggest a humorous hidden subtext. There is a gentle mannered wit and irony at play reminiscent of Jane Austen.

Sarah Macdonald takes particular details from the urban lines and spaces of tower blocks and the domestic forms and repetitive patterns of wallpaper in order to paint new landscapes. Outlines of the Aylesbury Estate in South East London and the New York skyline are traced from photographs, angular shapes, strong lines and patterns selected. The negative spaces of flocked wallpaper add a different register to create a new vocabulary. For Total Recall Sarah will paint a new work within the gallery space, employing this language of urban and domestic shapes and playing with an awareness of the incongruity of scale and space in both the domestic and urban environment.

Curated by LAND

For further information and images contact : Siobhan Wootton T: 07913653910


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