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When the time-traveller kills their grandmother
2nd September to 2nd October 2005
Preview 1st September 6pm-9pm
Concert at Bistrotheque, 23-27 Wadeson Street, Bethnal Green E2 1st September 9pm-midnight

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Humansacrifice presents a manifestation of sound art and noise-love at Alma Enterprises gallery during September. This is a multidisciplinary collaboration between international artists Bill Bowen, Matt Bua, Clive Murphy, Stephen O'Malley, Dylan Nyoukis, Chris Peck, Savage Pencil, Mr Pippin, Fritz Welch and Clare Quilty.

The Exhibition

The exhibition will explore the potential use of sound, noise and music as tools for warping reality and shifting time. Aural qualities, activities and events will be opened up and pushed to their limits with the belief that in doing so everyday experience can be altered slightly or perhaps forever.  

The first part of the exhibition will consist of a collaborative sound/noise sculpture comprised of both distinct elements made by individual artists and parts created by a larger group.

The sculptural mass - a hybrid of computer controlled speakers, automated percussion devices and composite junk imbedded into the site as an architectural intervention - will also be the landscape on which other objects will rest and be absorbed into.   

The second part of the exhibition consists of walldrawings, paintings, collages and posters dealing with music and noise as subject.  These elements will surround the sculpture on the walls, both illustrating its conceptual focus and contextualizing its anarchic sprawl.

The Concert

Bistroteque will play host to an evening of sound pieces featuring groups connected to artists participating in the exhibition including Pleasure-Drenching Improvers, Dylan Nyoukis & Stefan Jaworzyn, The Nekid Kidmen and DJ Paul Noble.

Bistrotheque, 23-27 Wadeson Street, London E2 Tube: Bethnal Green (Bistrotheque is a 2 minute walk from Alma Enterprises) 9pm-midnight Admission free

The Publication

A 12-page publication, in collaboration with the Belfast based Vacuum Magazine, covering the artists and concepts surrounding the exhibition. This is available from Alma Enterprises.

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