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World Without Tears

‘World without Tears’ by Katie Cuddon and Sue Haddon is a symbolic enactment of Lucinda Williams’ angst-ridden, alt-country album of the same name. The inadequate music videos explore the failure to represent visually such effects as the trembling voice on ‘Minneapolis’ that sings ‘I’ve been wasted, angry and sad since you left Minneapolis’ to the hysterical pitch of ‘Those Three Days’: ‘I have been so fucking alone, since those three days.’ Acted out in a style that is something like a cross between French New Wave cinematic deadpan and the imitative performances of youthful pop-fans, the resulting tableaux are familiar in an odd way, humorous but repetitive and depict a world where everything is carried out strictly ‘without tears.’

Cuddon and Haddon are producing “World Without Tears’ during a residency at Alma Enterprises Gallery and the work will be shown at the gallery in summer 2008. Theirs is a pilot for what will become a regular artists’ residency at Alma.

Katie Cuddon is an artist and currently Norma Lipman Research Fellow in the Department of Fine Arts and Cultures at Newcastle University. Sue Haddon writes about art.







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