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Project 1

13th October until 14th November 2004
Alma Enterprises Gallery, London

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Alex Baggaley has taken up residency within the space to develop and present a large-scale wall piece; an alphabet of ink and rubber stamps applied in a blind rush on wood with the minimum of sensory attention and a loose elementary notion of a motif. Vast panoramas, chaos, coincidence, accidental narratives, incidents, smudges, smears, shadows – executed in the moment and unedited.
The eagerly awaited Clare Quilty will emerge and perform for the first time at the opening. “Clare Quilty is a master ceramacist and woodcarver who lives and works in the farthest corner of the Trans-Atlantic Basin. He received a PhD in Trans-Molecular Rehydration from MIT Mexico City School of Economics and Cosmic Studies. At present his practice employs a two pronged strategy utilising The Paranoiac Critical Method and Pre-Columbian Anarcho-Futurism. Depicted in countless extremely provocative examples, the demonic imagery is a metaphor meant to rip the viewer out of complacency in order to raze the past and begin anew.”
Ben Tomlinson presents a series of texts and drawings that originate from the final chapter of the Dutch Translation of ‘E.T’ (the book of the film). Translated into doggerel English through the sounds of an unfamiliar language, the text is laboriously transcribed in pencil. Dogs, singular and grouped, of differing breeds, types and personalities illustrate the work; the playful raw immediacy of these canine sketches both mock and illustrate the text with humour and menace.
Miranda Peake presents an arrangement of small-scale paintings on card. Mounted on the wall, and sometimes the floor these small- scale unassuming works are like cameos of the stuff of everyday life, a house by a lake, a reflection in the mirror, a bedside table. Some seem to have personal, symbolic and emotional significance, others appear to be indiscriminate, like stills from a camcorder left on. Arranged in a collection, a strong language of form and colour emerge and recurrent themes and images mark out on the surface the passage of moments in time.
Charlie Tweed presents the premier of ‘Lets Start Again’. A video promoting the ideas and concepts of the character and alter ego ‘Sirus Manzill’. Emerging from the larger project of Manzillworld, the video documents Manzill’s ‘call to action’ from Epping Forest to the Regents Canal. The rural dictator promotes his seemingly ridiculous cause with a surreal twist on current obsessions with the surveillance society and getting back to nature.
Will Daniels presents a new rendition of an old master, the results of a painstaking process of representation. ‘Vase of flowers in a window niche’ is a both a recreation of the painting of the same name by Dutch Master Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder painted c 1620. Will modelled a representation of the painting in cardboard, photographed the model and then used the photograph as a means to paint from. The result is painting made up of contradictions between subject matter and materials. The meticulously observed objects of the Master are reduced to planes of cardboard, loosely taped together, ephemeral in their rendering then paradoxically this is then solidified in the timeless illusion which is painting. The assignment of value is questioned.
International video artist, Manuel Saiz presents ‘Parallel Universes Meet at Infinity’, a piece developed from a recent residency at Springfield Institute in Birmingham. Saiz observed, selected and recorded particular animal characteristics at Dudley Zoo, choosing their best moments. He then auditioned trained and choreographed actors to recreate characteristics through attitude as opposed to simple physical mimicry. Choreographed side by side, this amusing experiment in training and choreography reflects on the difference between free natural movements and staged movements.
The Welts performing and creating a strange audio-visual experience on the night of the opening, quite possibly from the front seat of a car outside the gallery.
Curated by LAND

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