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Previous shows at Alma Enterprises

Neil Hedger -Scary Monsters

September 28th - November 4th 2012

Alex Baggaley - Recent Paintings

May 26th - July 1st 2012


Roisin Byrne

A solo show by London based artist Roisin Byrne. It's Not You It's Me

November 25th 2011- January 15th 2012

Richard Grayson

A solo show by artist Richard Grayson consisting of a newly commissioned site specific installation which occupies both of Alma Enterprises gallery spaces

September 30th - November 6th 2011

Charlie Tweed

A solo show by artist Charlie Tweed of his entire Notes video series.

February 26th - April 3rd 2011


Rod Dickinson

Rod Dickinson in collaboration with Steve Rushton: Who, What, Where, When, Why and How

November 2010 - January 2011

Alex Baggaley

Alex Baggaley: The Perpetual Set-up

September/October 2010

Alex Baggaley

David M Price: 'Horror Vacui'

May - July 2010

Katie Cuddon

Katie Cuddon

January/March 2010


Suzanne Treister

Suzanne Treister MTB [Military Training Base]

November/December 2009

St Unicorns

St Unicorn's Trust

September 2009

Jesse Bercowetz

Jesse Bercowetz

September 2009

Neil Hedger

Neil Hedger

May 2009

Thomas Altheimer

Thomas Altheimer

November 2008

anne marie creamer

The Bad Year Blimp

June 6th - July 6th 2008


Alex Baggaley: 'i cycle fatal path'

April 4th - 11th May 2008

ludo mich ‘Lysistrata’ a film by Ludo Mich


March 6th 2008


Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm

February 2008




Alma Residency Programme

Katie Cuddon and Susannah Haddon

December 2007/January 2008



My Still Life as a Personal Object

David Blandy, Nick Goulis, Yu-Chen Wang,
Andro Semeiko, Lakis and Aris Ionas
December 2007


One must be so careful these days

Brian Catling, Thomas Altheimer, Kim Noble,
Jennet Thomas, Eleanor Morgan, Yaron Lapid,
Charlie Tweed, Ludo Mich, Emanuel Almborg, Kieron Dennis
September 2007


It's Just Bread

Hayley Newman, Michael Curran, Gayle Chong Kwan,
Brian Catling,
Kim Noble, allsopp&weir, Thomas Altheimer
March 2007



Jennet Thomas, Paul Tarrago
Nov 2006


Laura Parnes 'Janie 1978-1982'
Sept 2006


Arsenal: artists exploring the potential of sound as a weapon
July 2006


P1orn presents 'I am Sam'

Alex Baggaley, Ben Tomlinson
June 2006


Project 2

Beltran Obregon, Nicky Magliulo, Gayle Chong Kwan, Charlie Tweed, Matt Bua and Jesse Bercowetz, P1orn, Chris Peck
March 2006


Total Recall

Sarah Mcdonald, Miranda Peake, Joanna Salter, Jeanine Woollard
Dec 2005


Manuel Saiz
Oct 2005


When the time-traveller kills their grandmother

Bill Bowen, Matt Bua, Clive Murphy, Stephen O'Malley,
Dylan Nyoukis, Chris Peck, Savage Pencil Mr Pippin, Fritz Welch, Clare Quilty
Sept 2005


Jem Finer - Slowplayer
July 2005


AKA Joey
June 2005


Tension Fold

Alex Baggaley & Ben Tomlinson
May 2005


Laura White
Feb 2005


Kid Carpet
Dec 2004


Project 1

William Daniels, Manuel Saiz, Alex Baggaley,
Ben Tomlinson, Charlie Tweed, Miranda Peake,
The Welts, Clare Quilty
Oct 2004


Vauxhall Pleasure

Anna Best, Paul Whitty
Aug 2004


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