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Neil Hedger - Scary Monsters


September 28th - November 4th 2012

Opening Friday September 28th: 6pm-9pm


Alma Enterprises is proud to present ‘Scary Monsters’, the second solo show at the gallery by British artist Neil Hedger.

‘Scary Monsters’ is an exhibition of monumental sculptures that crowd both of the gallery spaces. The works are carved and rendered from manufactured products like polystyrene, fiberglass and car paints. Through the application of an agency of redundancy and materiality, the sculptures question and explore the traditions of presenting human shaped lumps of metal or rock
for commemoration.

As Nigel Cooke noted in his Art Review Future Greats article on Hedger’s practice; [the sculptures suggest]

“the swagger of media celebrity in decline as an allegory for questions around the legitimacy of heritage, permanence, transience, and the artist’s dubious requirements of each.”

Hedger’s main concern as an artist is sculpture, and his work is instantly recognisable from his ongoing series of small-scale plasticine sculptures of anthropomorphic characters such as Dog Boy and Bunny.

Triggering art historical reminiscences on the one hand, and children’s television characters set to work in a theme park on the other, the concerns remain with the use of material aggrandizement in the presentation of the object, and the finding of allegories and examples of this aggrandizing process and its inevitable decline or collapse.

His solo show ‘A Day At The Races’ at Alma Enterprises in 2009 saw the first shift from this deliberate avoidance of the purely large scale in sculpture: an over blown plasticine and tinfoil installation dominated the entire gallery. ‘Scary Monsters’ presents a continuation of this critique of the purely hyperbolic in monumentalism.

These new sculptures carry a weight of responsibility, their presence and sense of foreboding encouraged through the deliberate misuse and failure of formal sculptural processes combined with a humour and nuanced visual wit that is entirely the artists own, and directed toward the endgame of our cultural self obsessions.


Neil Hedger (born 1970, London)
He completed his MA at Goldsmiths in 2008.
Lives and works in London.
Previous shows include;
‘A Day At The Races’, Alma Enterprises, 2009, ‘Time is a Sausage’ (solo),
DOMOBAAL, 2009, London (solo);
Group exhibitions include:
2011: Art Verona, Italy;
2010: ‘She awoke with a Jerk’, Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York;
Vicissitude, Kabin Art Collection, London;
Il alla a lai de l’ail, CrimesTown, London;
2009: Throw ‘em out, they break my heart, SE8, London;
Time is a sausage (group show), DOMOBAAL, London
Salon09, Matt Roberts, London;
Modern Times, Vegas, London;
2008: Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2008, Liverpool & London

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The Gallery is open from Saturday to Sunday 12pm - 18:00pm or on Fridays by appointment - please call 07894 078 994 to arrange an appointment for Fridays.

For more information please contact - 07894 078 994

Dog Girl ,2012, mixed media

Monkey Head , 2012, mixed media

Reclining Bunny, 2012, 200x200cm approx, mixed media

Dog Head, 2012, mixed media

Fountain, 2012, mixed media

Pink Elephant, 2012, mixed media
Bronze Boy, 2012, mixed media



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