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Opening Saturday 9th March: 3pm-6pm
10th March - 14 April 2013




Patrick Coyle works within performance and sculpture, presenting objects which simultaneously function as props within accompanying performances and  modes of documentation. Attempting to encode objects with meaning through performative acts.
Through site specific interventions, Leigh Suh uses methods to take traces and replicate architectural spaces. Curious to how these remnants can allude to binaries such as the new and the derelict and the past and present, she arranges objects to highlight the viewers psychological and physical relationship to the work and immediate space around.
Sarah Tew sets up scenarios within installations and environments which activate materials and allow insight into the idea of the moment of doing. Materials are active components which allow the work to be constantly in flux, at their core they are never static and resist an end point, removing aspects of control and decision making from the artist.
Amber Ablett uses text and language to explore memory, allowing opportunities for the viewer and participants to experience the limitations of recollection within the context of both personal and collective interpretations.

Media artist James Clar presents light installations which examine popular culture and its visual language, along with its limitations and affect on the individual and society.

Wayne Clough is a painter who explores how photojournalistic approaches in the press construct histories. Images of trauma and devastation are frequently presented to recall events which shape collective memory.

Working in sculpture and photography, William Cobbing looks at our engagement with our immediate environment and how through constructing ideas or narratives through these, we see our surroundings create us, as much as we create it.

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The Gallery is open from Saturday to Sunday 12pm - 18:00pm or on Fridays by appointment - please call 07894 078 994 to arrange an appointment for Fridays.

For more information please contact - 07894 078 994




Wayne Clough


Patrick Coyle




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